Through fair trade partnership with weavers in Indonesia, especially eastern Indonesia, Tenoon does not only aim to spread love of Indonesian woven fabrics through product innovation, but also become an inclusive creative platform by creating employment opportunities for marginalised and disabled community.


To be an inclusive place for everyone to creatively collaborate without any boundaries.


  1. Preserving Indonesia woven fabrics and educating the public through woven fabrics-based product innovation

  2. Empowering Indonesia local weavers through fair-trade partnership

  3. As an inclusive platform for creativity and collaboration

Team Member

Pratiwi Hamdhana
Founder and Managing Director

As a big dreamer, Tiwi always believes with the concept of Mestakung (Semesta Mendukung; Supported by the Universe). This Aries young lady who happen to love ethnic fabric believes that every dream has an equal chance to be fight for, including making an inclusive platform for anyone who is willing to collaborate creatively. That’s what inspired her to start this project and that’s how Tenoon was born.


Aspire to travel the world for the whole 1-2 years, this Nasi Goreng lover is currently undergoing one of her biggest dream as a Chevening scholarship postgraduate student in Queen Elizabeth’s Country.


“Dream, be fearless and fight for your dream no matter what others said”

Nicky Claraentia Pratiwi
Director of Strategic Partnership

Born as a person with a disability, does not make this woman stop to be empowered independently. Using prosthetic leg since she was one year old, did not stop her to continue to develop herself in the marketing area that she believes as her passion. After successfully completing her MBA program, she put herself to understand and contribute more in disability community in Indonesia because she understood that not everyone with disabilities had the same opportunity as her, and all of them still need to be empowered. Having responsibility in marketing and partnership, she believes Tenoon is one project to introduce Indonesia local fabric with a special story behind that.


“He has made everything beautiful in its time.”

Fadly Rachman
Community Engagement Manager

Graduated as a bachelor of psychology, this man who was born on August 31st loves hearing people stories and learn about their behavior.. Having working experience in digital marketing, this guy who loves drawing thinks that the young generation should appreciate their own culture. That’s why he joined with Tenoon, to learn more about his culture so he can introduce it to more people.


“Respect others like how you respect yourself. There’s no dream unreachable. Hardwork won’t always gives result, but will always gives you something to learn”

Fauzan Ade Azizie
Social Media Marketing Manager

Being the youngest member of the team, his experience in creative industry should not be taken lightly. Responsible as the tech-guy in Tenoon, this young lad who loves to read manga, wants to contribute in introducing and maintaining local heritage culture through this project.



“Work hard, be kind, and amazing things will happen”